Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

I've given up on so many things,please don't ask me to give up on you
One day you'll come to me and ask me
what's more important : you or my life
i'll say my life and you'll walk away
never knowing that you're my life :'(

Everlasting Fashion Design Style with Trench Coat|2012

Trench Coat not only ogled became mandatory dress for those who live in cold countries.But,trench coat is also suitable worn in tropical countries.The fashion world continues to spin.But,it is not able to mie the trench coat .until now,the trench coat is still a fashion item which is favourited by women.the lovers of omens trench coat,wearing that clothing as daily outfit.

According to one fashion designer,trench coat for woman can actually be wore for various occasions to the office,hang out,even to party.just choose the appropriate materials and style.

In countries with cold climates trench coat for woman usually made from thick materials such as cashmere,tweed,or wool because it serves to warm the body.However,along with development of the fashion world and many that womens trench coat were ogled by tropical countries,finally emerged the trench coat from lighter materials,like cotton,polyester,chio,and other materials that give a sense of light when it worn

That's why now this women trench coat can be worn anytime,whether winter or summer.can be worn at anywhere,either to the office,shopping or even to a party.

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Oxford Shoes

yesterday,my  friend Peoria Illeonny give suggested to me for wearing Oxford Shoes.i didn't like fashion.but,a few minutes ago I saw on the internet oxford shoes and I love it!!!
by the way,did you know?my friends were wearing oxford to school!wow!

picture by Sydnstyle